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Zoek je een label?: Pressure Sounds, Tectones, These, Blank Tapes, Emperor Jones, Post Present Medium, Sacred Bones, Resin, Aesthetics, Temporary Residence, Latitudes, Hometapes, Ohm Resistance, Estrus, City Centre Offices, Honest Jons, Good Movies, Erased Tapes, Hell Yes, White Lines, Tamoki Wambesi, President, Stereo Test Kit, Feel Presents, Nomeansno remixes, Vespertine, Musical Tragedies, Beautiful Happiness, How Does It Feel To Be Loved, Punk Rock Blues, Vertical Features, Series 8, Scopitones, Resonant, Kick Joys Darkness, Rhythm And Blues, Earnest Jennings, Plug Research, Excelsior Melodies, Maximum Pressure, Talitres, Boring Machines, Guided By Voices, St. Ives, Western Vinyl, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Lovesick, Essay, Static Resonance, Thames Delta, Despotz, Restart, Famous Flames, Yes Boy Icecream, Rucksack Loveshack, Barbes, PM Press, Chocolate Industries, Liminal Noise Tapes, The Spheres, Blackest Ever Black, Blackest Rainbow, Test Card, Wild Sages, Express Ring, New images, Suyu Makinesi, New Bumbs Industries, Clandestine, Darup Associates, Homeless, United Dairies, Desire path, Bladud flies, Honor press, Desoto, Timesig, Erased tapes p, Black tigress, Guided by voices inc, Objests limited, Knives, Vampire blues, Preservation electronic, Roadburn festival, Slim cesna's auto club, Thousand tongues, Artemesia, Guided by voices inc., Southern domestic, Progress productions, Keeled scales, Hostess, Cultures of soul, Aesthetical, Progress, Flatlines, Digital regress, Rhymesayers entertainment, Central tones, Fiesta red, Born yesterday, Rhymesayers entetertainme, United diaries, Dutchess, Saddest factory, Rhymesayers, Concentric circles, Daydream library series, Deeper into movies, Grand chess, Fresh selects, Mesh key, Nyege nyege tapes, Daydream libraries, Janka industries, Diamond west, Awesome tapes from afruia, Sacred bones 3, Heat crimes, Slow times

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Nick Helderman (geb. 1987)

Metz, februari 2013