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Various - Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label [CD]

  • Various - Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label [CD]
1You're All I Need To Make It
2Who Knows
3I'm Going To Keep On Loving You
4Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother
5Too Far Gone
6You Can't Blame Me
7Number One
8Row My Boat
9Without Love
10I Want To Be Ready
11Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer
12Hot Grits!!!
13I Can't Take It
14Can We Try Love Again
15You're My Desire
16A World With You
17Go On Fool
18Pure Soul
19Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother (Instrumental)
20All I Need To Make It

Formaat: CD

Ook beschikbaar als: 2LP

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