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Various - After Tonight: Ember Beat Vol. 3 [Vinyl, CD]

  • Various - After Tonight: Ember Beat Vol. 3 [Vinyl, CD]
1Ready, Steady
2After Tonight
3Look In Your Eyes
4Ah Oop
5Chicago Calling
6People Like You
7I Will Have You
8I'm With You
9Answers Please
10(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
11Billy Christian
12What's Done Has Been Done
13Won't It Be Fine
14You'll Find Out
15You've Got Something
16A Whiter Shade Of Pale
17Another Man
18Be With Me
19You're No Use
20The Devil Jumps Up
21That's My Kind Of Love
22The Theme From "The Monkees"
23A Dreamer Of The Past
24Do It A

Formaat: CD

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Label:Fantastic Voyage
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Daniel Cohen (geb. 1979)

Cody Chesnutt, november 2012