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Lonesome Organist - Collector Of Cactus Echo Bags [CD]

  • Lonesome Organist - Collector Of Cactus Echo Bags [CD]
1The Lost Oar
2Catching Flies With My Teeth
3Chasing The Wheelbarrel
4The Lonesome Organist Theme
5Ratt Advance On The Windsor Deluxe
6The Sing Song
7Let Me Be Your Man
8King Of The Rail Model 1895 Trainset
9The Dragon Song
10You Be Blake
11Make Me Less Lonesome
12End Of The Road
13The Wind Up Bird
14Clock Song
156 Volt
16Tip Toe
17My First Piano
18Miel Silverstre
19Blue Stew
20Departing The Sturdy Ship

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Label:Thrill Jockey
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Isabel Nabuurs (geb. 1976)

Breton, april 2012