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Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights (Sea Glass) [Vinyl, 2LP]

  • Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights (Sea Glass) [Vinyl, 2LP]

Formaat: 2LP

€35,90 Koop

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Heruitgave van succesvol album uit 2009. Toen een volhardende do-it-yourself release, nu een serieuze op het DIY-achtige Thrill Jockey. The Guardian: …beneath all the noise and fury, there are bona fide songs here, driven by giddy singalong melodies that settle into maddeningly tight runs and rhythmic loops then spin off into chasms of freeform noise... everything is focused on the extraordinary physicality of their sound: spasmodic, psychedelic, heavy, loud and life-affirming. Pitchfork: The whole point of their music is hypnotic repetition, magical moments sprouting from endless reiterations. They could stretch out further, but they’d likely lose access to those mini-epiphanies... Lightning Bolt are happy to grind out an eternal present, and few can dig deep into a moment quite like them.

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Label:Thrill Jockey
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