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Califone - Roots & Crowns (Ice Age Blue) [Vinyl, LP]

  • Califone - Roots & Crowns (Ice Age Blue) [Vinyl, LP]

Formaat: LP

€30,90 Koop

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Sterk album uit 2006. Al ruim tien jaar niet op vinyl beschikbaar. Pitchfork: Califone have always been stupidly underappreciated, and the further we stumble into the 21st century, the more this music starts to feel both familiar and necessary: Roots and Crowns is bluesy and soulful without reverting to revivalist schtick, and experimental without relying on blind cut-and-pasting. It is old and new, dirty and clean, alienating and accessible, sweet and ugly, organic and industrial, doting and vicious. It is one of the most quintessentially American records imaginable.

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Label:Thrill Jockey
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Renate Beense (geb. 1975)

Destroyer, juni 2015