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Various - Done Me Wrong: Ember Beat Vol. 2 [CD]

  • Various - Done Me Wrong: Ember Beat Vol. 2 [CD]
1Done Me Wrong
2Take Away
3The Truth Often Hurts The Heart
4From A Window
5Little One
6Since I Lost You
7Tell Her I Lied
8Never Let It Be Said
9What Do You Want With Me?
10Show Me Around
11Only Two Can Play
12Have You Seen My Baby?
13Return To Me
14A Man Needs Love
15Daddy Rolling Stone
16No Other Baby
17My How The Time Goes By
18The Friendly Undertaker
19On The Waterfront
20Well Don't That Beat Them All
21Well... All Right
22It's A Cruel World

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Label:Fantastic Voyage
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Nick Helderman (geb. 1987)

Phosphorescent, januari 2013